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Friday, April 03, 2009

I cant believe im actually writing more than a sentence...

I hardly ever write on my blog, and I’ve been inspired to do a bit of writing, lol, weird for me, I know. I’ve also decided to not only feature pics from my shoots, but I want to include pics from my life as well. Why, you ask? Haha, because it’s my blog. So, I will start introducing some very special people, places, things, and anything else that I like and love.

(im pretty sure I have a gazillion run on sentences, and this is prob killing you to read, and im sure my old English teacher would have a FIT right now if she were reading this huge, long, certainly unnecessary disclaimer about how I really should have someone proofread this thing…)

: )

Over the years, I learned that people will come and go, but there are some people you cant just get rid of. Jk jk
These are two of my most valuable friends. I miss them so so much, and I think that’s the reason for me wanting to share my life with you guys. I met Christina and Travis my freshman year at A&M. We had studio and a few other classes together, and were a pretty tight group. I love love love them with all my heart, and I know that I can call them for anything and they will be there.

It’s part of our degree program to do a semester away, that’s how I ended up back home doing an internship. Christina went to Spain, yes, SPAIN!! The girl is having a blast, and I get phone calls, which is AWESOME, and it makes me feel like I’m there, well, kinda not really, but still, it’s AWESOME! I sent her on a mission to bring me back old keys, not just any keys, but I’m talking old castle like skeleton cool antique keys. Christina is an absolute joy and blessing to me. This girl is so inspiring and creative. I just feed off of her energy for life and adventure. When we are together, you better watch out, there’s no telling what we’ll do. She knows my life. And she lets me shoot her.

I totally snagged this pic of her from her facebook and edited it, lol
This is her in Spain
Christina in Spain

We dressed as the green monkeys from the Legends of the Hidden Temple for halloween this past year, and won the architecture departments costume contest! We even bought the knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and spray painted helmets. It was so much fun!
Christina's victory growl


Us out on the town one night
Me & Christina

Meet my sweet pea, Travis. He also answers to babe, darling, t-rav, t-man, hottie, and many other names I have given him. This guy is one in a million, let me tell ya. He has a heart of gold (and the prettiest blue eyes), and he puts up with me and all my silly-ness. He is in landscape, and I think that suites him so well. Travis is a easy going, country boy. He loves the outdoors, and he LOVES TO TAKE PICTURES TOO!!! He completes me. : )
We have so many adventures planned for this summer, and I can’t wait!

I adore his whit and sarcasm
: )
It makes me so happy

...im going to get in trouble for posting this one maybe...but oh well!!


These two are really amazing, and I hope that one day you will have the joy of meeting them and getting to know them, because they are truly amazing individuals.


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