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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ye Ol' Horse Wrangler

This is Lucy. Isn't she a beauty?! If you know Goose and Lucy's history, you know how this relationship works...Goose thinks she is training Lucy, but in reality, it is Lucy who is doing the training.

'Oh boy, this should be interesting...'

'Oh boy, this should be interesting...'

Double checking to make sure the saddle doesn't start sliding off...in the middle of riding...with Goose on it...again...

This is when Lucy was getting annoyed by all the poking.

Let's take this moment to bask in the beauty of a cowgirl and her horse. It's so amazing how these two can read each other's minds sometimes.

'Ouch!!! Goose bit me!!!' Not really though, Lucy was getting bored and cared to let us know she was bored, by a huge horse yawn.

'Hhhmmm...now how can I get Goose off of me to get me a treat...'

'Maybe nibbling her toes will do the trick!'

Cowgirl hard at work.

What's this?! How did this adorable little angel baby sun bathing sneak it's way into this wild west wrangling of a blog post?!
She is just so darn cute!!!


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